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'Street Lights And Stars' - Canvas Print

'Street Lights And Stars' - Canvas Print

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A quiet cobbled street on a warm summer evening where old street lamps gently glow and warm light and laughter tumble from a small cafe and echo through the night air and up into a midnight-blue star-spangled sky.

'Street Lights And Stars' is a lively symphony of swirls set against a deep blue background, evoking the gentle energy and atmosphere of a summer evening in the old town where the soft glow of street lamps mingles with midnight-blue star-spangled sky. 

Flashes and spangles of white, representing the shimmering stars scattered across the heavens, add luminous accents and a touch of magic. Amidst the swirling colours, hints of warm peach emerge, evoking the cosy ambiance of a small cafe where laughter and warm light spill out onto the street, infusing the night air with a sense of warmth and camaraderie.

There is a juxtaposition between the bustling energy of night life and the tranquil beauty of the starry night sky. 

Museum-quality fine art print professionally framed and mounted and ready to hang. 

Printed on high-quality canvas, hand finished and ready to hang.

  • Artist-grade cotton canvas.
  • Colours guaranteed to last over 100 years.
  • Professional artist stretcher bars milled from sustainably sourced pine.
  • Packed and shipped with care.
  • Ready to hang and enjoy immediately.

Also available as a framed fine art print.

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