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'Moonlight On Water' - Canvas Print

'Moonlight On Water' - Canvas Print

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Shimmery moonlight softly dapples the wavy ripples of the inky-blue midnight sea.

'Moonlight On Water' captures the tranquil beauty of a moonlight dancing on rippled wavelets. Against a white backdrop deep midnight-blue shimmers and moves to the rhythm of the gentle currents.

Deep dark blue represents the rippling surface of the water as it reflects the soft moonlight glow. Brushstrokes of varying intensity create a sense of movement and depth, capturing the ebb and flow of the waves in the moonlight.

Amidst the expanse of white background, the deep blues stand out with striking clarity, evoking the serene beauty of the shimmering moonlit scene.

The purity of the white canvas enhances the luminosity of the moon's reflections, creating a mesmerising contrast that emphasises the serene ambiance of a moonlit night.

Printed on high-quality canvas, hand finished and ready to hang.

  • Artist-grade cotton canvas.
  • Colours guaranteed to last over 100 years.
  • Professional artist stretcher bars milled from sustainably sourced pine.
  • Packed and shipped with care.
  • Ready to hang and enjoy immediately.

Also available as a framed fine art print.

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