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'Wind In The Willows' - Framed Print

'Wind In The Willows' - Framed Print

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A gentle breeze stirs the leaves of swaying willows as the sunlight peeps through and splashes sparkles onto the clear water flowing below.

'Wind In The Willows' captures the gentle movement of the breeze through lush willow trees on a serene riverbank in the summertime.

The complex lines and shades of green, intermingled with hints of blue suggest the graceful sway of the willow branches as they dance in the breeze, creating a sense of movement and vitality within the composition. Interwoven with the greens are hints of blue, representing the tranquil surface of the river flowing beneath the canopy of willow trees. These subtle blue accents add depth and dimension to the painting, evoking the serene beauty of the natural landscape and enhancing the overall sense of tranquility and harmony.

'Wind In The Willows' is a tranquil riverside oasis, where the gentle rustle of leaves and the soft murmur of flowing water create a symphony of sights and sounds that are the essence of a summer day beneath the swaying branches of willow trees by the riverbank.

Choose from three sizes and a black or white frame.

Museum-quality fine art print professionally framed and ready to hang. 

  • Solid high-quality handmade sustainably sourced wooden frame with satin finish.
  • Printed on archival 200 gsm matte paper to museum-quality standard.
  • Shatterproof light-weight transparent acrylic glaze for added protection.
  • Packed and shipped with care.
  • Ready to hang and enjoy immediately.

Also available as a canvas print.

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