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'Tangerine Orange' - Unframed Print

'Tangerine Orange' - Unframed Print

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Tangy tangerine orange sunshine-filled juicy fruity. 

'Tangerine Orange' embraces elegance and simplicity through minimal composition of single-colour tangerine orange ribbon-like swirls against a pristine white background. The graceful dance of lines create a visually captivating display of movement and harmony.

The painting evokes the warmth and vibrancy of a sun-kissed tangerine, with the bold orange swirls reminiscent of the juicy fruit's zest. The ribbon-like forms curve and intertwine delicately across the canvas, suggesting a sense of fluidity and rhythm.

Against the purity of the white backdrop, the tangerine orange swirls stand out with striking intensity, infusing the artwork with a sense of energy and vitality. The simplicity of the composition allows for a focus on the interplay of light and colour.

Radiating a sense of joy and optimism, 'Tangerine Orange' evokes the uplifting spirit of a bright and sunny day. The vibrant orange hues evoke associations with enthusiasm, creativity, and excitement, inspiring feelings of positivity and delight.

'Tangerine Orange' celebrates colour and form. It captures the essence of warmth and joy, offering a refreshing burst of energy and vitality.

Premium museum-quality and made from sustainably sourced paper and water-based inks, this heavy-weight (200gsm) fine art print with smooth matte finish will retain its beauty and colour for you to enjoy for years to come.

Frame not included.

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