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'City Lights' - Framed Print (with mount)

'City Lights' - Framed Print (with mount)

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As day turns to night, twilight-blue reigns briefly above the skyscraper skyline that slowly merges into the inky night skies to become glittering towers of golden lights that join the jostling lights below as the city heads out for the night.

'City Lights' captures the dynamic and luminous essence of a bustling urban landscape at night. Deep night-time blue mingles with the warm and radiant glow of the orangey-yellow hues and twinkling lights of the city streets and skyscrapers.

There is a striking juxtaposition of deep blue and vibrant oranges and yellows. The rich blue evokes the mysterious depths of the night sky, while the warm orange and yellow tones evoke the lively illumination of streetlights and city buildings. These colours intertwine, creating a captivating contrast that captures the eye and stirs the imagination.

Dynamic brushstrokes and fluid lines suggest the movement and energy of a bustling cityscape, with the warm glow of the city lights bringing life to the deep blue backdrop. The interplay of light and shadow creates a sense of depth and dimension to the atmospheric beauty of the urban night.

The vibrant metropolis is alive with activity and excitement. There is a sense of the timeless allure and pulsating energy of city life in the interplay of light, colour, and movement in the urban landscape.

Choose from three sizes and a black or white frame.

Museum-quality fine art print professionally framed and mounted and ready to hang. 

  • Solid high-quality handmade sustainably sourced wooden frame with satin finish.
  • Printed on archival 200 gsm matte paper to museum-quality standard.
  • Sustainably sourced 100% acid free and perfectly cut mount.
  • Shatterproof light-weight transparent acrylic glaze for added protection.
  • Packed and shipped with care.
  • Ready to hang and enjoy immediately.

Also available as a canvas print.

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